Unleashed Wet Wipes

Unleashed Wet Wipes


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  • Easy-to-use wet wipes for pets
  • Fresh green tea scent
  • Keep pets clean between baths
  • Contain Vitamin E to moisturize
  • Remove dirt, odours & food
  • Great for fur & paws
  • 70 wipes measuring 18 x 20 cm (7″x 8″)

Unleashed Wet Wipes will help keep your pet clean and smelling fresh between baths. These wet wipes are gently scented with green tea and contain vitamin E to help moisturize your pet’s skin and coat. With a quick swipe across the body, these wipes will freshen and clean your pet’s fur and paws, removing dirt, food, and odours in the process.

Free of alcohol. Each pack contains 70 pet wipes measuring approximately 18 x 20 cm (7″ x 8″).


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