Unleashed Housebreaking Pads

Unleashed Housebreaking Pads

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  • Scented, ultra-absorbent four-layer pads
  • Uses a top scented layer to attract puppies
  • Quick-drying layer dries in 30 seconds after the liquid is applied
  • Odour control layer will lock in and aid with eliminating odours
  • Liquid lock layer is fast reacting, will quickly absorb liquids
  • Ideal for puppies, seniors, travelling, stay at home dog, for carriers and more
  • Available in a box containing 100 pads

Unleashed Housebreaking Pads is a four-layer training pad that will help not only with training your puppy with housebreaking but can also be used for senior dogs, stay at home dogs, carriers, travelling and more. This ultra-absorbent pad is made using four layers for absorbing, eliminating odours and protecting floors and carriers.

The top layer is scented to attract and remind both puppies and dogs where the pad is and where your dog can go. The second layer is a quick-drying layer that dries in thirty seconds; the third layer will lock-in and eliminates unwanted odours. The last layer, the liquid lock layer, is a fast-reacting layer that will quickly absorb liquids. Each pad measures at 56×58 cm (22×23″) and comes in a box containing 100 pads.



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