Ruffwear Roamer Leash

Ruffwear Roamer Leash

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  • Durable, multipurpose leash
  • Made with Ruffwear’s Wavelength material
  • Adjustable closed-cell foam and mesh handle with an accessory loop to hold poop bags or smaller clip-on items
  • Traffic handle for quick and easy control of the dog 
  • Side release buckle with an aluminum uniloop – customizable to be carried or worn around the waist
  • Ruffwear Talon Clip – Reinforced, secure collar to leash attachment
  • Available in 5.5-7 feet or 7.3-11 feet and four colours

The Ruffwear Roamer Dog Leash is a durable, multipurpose leash that is excellent for those daily walks or jogs. Made from Ruffwear’s Wavelength, a polypropylene webbing to absorb any sudden pulling or tugging from your dog. The handle is adjustable and comes with an accessory loop to hold the small, light clip-on items or a single poop bag. Located near the lead’s end is Ruffwear’s Talon Clip, a secure, reinforced clip to attach to your dog’s leash and is easy to hook and unhook. You can also go hands-free with this lead thanks to the Winhigh XT side release buckle with a 6061 T-6 aluminum uniloop so you can attach the lead around your waist comfortably. The traffic handle near the talon clip is alternative handle if you need control of your dog during emergencies or assistance.

Ruffwear’s Roamer Dog Leash is available in a 1.7-2.1 M (5.5-7 feet) or a 2.2-3.4 m (7.3-11 feet), and in a variety of different colours; Please see the specifications tab for more information.


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