RC Pets Zephyr Cooling Bandana

RC Pets Zephyr Cooling Bandana

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  • Lightweight cooling bandana
  • Helps maintain your dog’s temperature around the neck and main neck arteries during hot days
  • Uses the evaporative cooling method – pour water, wring, wear and go
  • Machine wash safe
  • Available in a variety of sizes and two different patterns

The Zephyr Cooling Bandana from RC Pets is a lightweight bandana tailored to help your dog stay cool and maintain body temperature around the neck and major neck arteries during the hot summer. Made using 55% Polyester and 54% nylon, this cooling bandana uses the evaporative cooling method that requires you to pour water on the vest, wring it out, put it on your best friend and he is ready for some summer fun.

The Zephyr is suitable for small to large dog breeds and is available in a small, medium and large size in three different patterns. Please see the specifications tab for more information.


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