PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door


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  • Aluminum door allows your pet easy access indoors & outdoors
  • Single flap provides with magnetic closure for energy efficiency
  • Closing panel to restrict access, as necessary
  • Suitable for most doors between 1 – 5 cm (0.4″ – 2″) thick
  • Easy to install, solid aluminum frame
  • Available for a range of pet sizes. See Sizing Chart under Specifications tab.

The PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door gives your pet the option of going in and out as they please. This easy-to-install, solid aluminum frame has reinforced corners and the flap is a soft, transparent plastic. When not in use, it offers a tight, magnetic closure seal to protect against the elements outdoors. This pet door includes a panel that can be locked into place when you need to restrict your pet’s access to using the door (i.e. at night, during a snowstorm, etc.). The frame fits most doors between 1 cm and 5 cm (0.4″ to 2″) thick.

Available in a variety of sizes. See sizing details under Specifications tab.


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