NaturVet GrassSaver Biscuits

NaturVet GrassSaver Biscuits


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  • Help prevent and treat yellow spots on lawn
  • Safe peanut butter-flavoured biscuits
  • Contain cranberries for boosted urinary tract health
  • Filled with vitamins & amino acids
  • Yucca reduces odour from stool
  • For dogs only
  • Net Weight of Box: 11.1 oz.

NaturVet GrassSaver Biscuits Plus Cranberry are safe, healthy supplements that taste like treats and you get the added benefit of no more yellow spots on your lawn. They’re very easy to use – simply feed your dog the recommended amount of biscuits (either on their own like a treat or along with your dog’s food) every day and watch those yellow spots start to disappear.

Each biscuit is peanut butter flavour and is filled with a combination of beneficial amino acids and B-complex vitamins to give a natural approach to preventing new spots on your lawn and getting rid of existing ones. They’re also infused with cranberry to promote a healthy urinary tract and prevent infections. In addition to this, the yucca these biscuits contain acts to neutralize the odour of your dog’s stool, solving yet another bothersome concern of many pet owners. Each biscuit weighs approximately 6.5 grams. Not intended for use in cats.


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