Lil Pals Potty Training Bells – Monkey

Lil Pals Potty Training Bells – Monkey


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  • Fun & functional flower potty training aid
  • Dog gently taps bells to signal when she needs to go out
  • Helps prevent whining, scratching & barking
  • Can be used for dogs of all ages
  • Measures 68.5 cm (27″) in length

We all know that potty training a dog can be tricky, but the Lil Pals Monkey Potty Training Bells will help make it easier. Rather than your dog scratching, barking, or whining when nature calls, you can teach her to gently tap the bells with her nose, tail, or paw to grab your attention.

Lil Pals Potty Training Bells are plush training tools that have bells attached to them. They include step-by-step directions for training your dog to use them. They can be used for dogs of all ages. Measures approximately 68.5 cm (27″) in length.


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