K&H Pet Coolin’ Pet Pad

K&H Pet Coolin’ Pet Pad

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  • Easy & affordable way to keep pets cool
  • Thin gel pad with cooling effect
  • No refrigeration or freezing required
  • Soothing for older pets with aches & pains
  • Easy to transport
  • Free of toxic gels & BPA
  • Available in two sizes. See chart for details.

The K&H Pet Coolin’ Pet Pad provides pet owners with a convenient and affordable way to keep their pets cool during those warm summer months or if they live in hotter climates. It also works well to soothe dogs’ aches and pains. This pad does not require refrigeration or freezing, which makes it great to take along on your travels.

This pad can be used on its own or can be placed on top of your pet’s bed for added comfort. Recommended for use in temperatures below 38 C (100 F). Available in four sizes. See chart under Specifications tab for details.


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