Hurtta Expedition Parka

Hurtta Expedition Parka

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  • Cold weather resistant parka
  • Water-resistant, breathable material – retains body heat and protects core muscles
  • Ideal for short-haired dog breeds or dogs with no undercoat
  • Adjustable neck, chest and back length
  • 3M reflective material
  • Closeable Leash portal available for sizes 30 – 80 cm (12-32″)
  • Built-in harness for sizes 20 – 25 cm (8-10″)
  • Available in different sizes and colours

Do you love adventuring with your furry friend all year round but live in an area with extreme winter conditions? The Hurtta Expedition Parka is perfect for those colder adventures. This jacket was specifically designed with short-haired dogs or dogs without an undercoat in mind however, it is suitable for all dogs. Crafted with a breathable, water-resistant outer fabric and a soft inner lining designed to help your dog retain body heat and to protect their core muscles while in the cold.

Located along the backside are three adjustable points so this jacket can fit your dog’s unique form and ensure full range of motion for activities. The neck area uses an adjustable elastic cord around the neckline and collar, inside the lower end for the parka is length adjustments and an adjustable strap for a snug fit. Along the chest area of the jacket is an elastic waterproof area to stretch and adjust to your dog’s movement while the rear leg straps ensure the coat stays in place. Along the back and lower chest areas are 3M reflective material for nighttime safety.

Available in a variety of sizes and different colours; Please see the specifications tab for more information.


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