fouFIT Cooling Bandana

fouFIT Cooling Bandana

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  • Light-weight, absorbent and quick drying bandana
  • Keep your dog cool for 2-6 hours
  • Uses powdered jade as a cooling agent
  • Non-toxic – safe and easy to use
  • Available in small and large sizes and blue, pink and grey colours

The fouFIT Cooling Bandana is a light-weight, absorbant bandana for your dog that will keep him cool for long periods of time. By running water over the bandana, the special absorbent material with powdered jade will absorb the water and slowly release through evaporation, keeping your dog cool up to two to six hours. Protecting your dog from heat stress, restrictive airway and keeping his body temperature low during warm days.

fouFit Cooling Bandana is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. The bandana is available in a small and large size and blue, pink or grey colours. Please see the specification tab for more information. More cooling items from fouFIT available here.


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