Dogit Voyageur Fuchsia/Charcoal Dog Carrier

Dogit Voyageur Fuchsia/Charcoal Dog Carrier

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  • Plastic lightweight pet carrier
  • Back, front and side ventilation
  • The front metal door uses a spring locking mechanism
  • Contains compartments for food/water and a moulded waste gutter collection
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Available in a small and medium-sized carrier

Keep your best friend safe from short drives to the vet to longer adventures with Dogit Voyageur Dog Carrier. This plastic light-weight carrier features a front metal door with a spring lock mechanism securing your pet inside the carrier and easy to open. The carrier also contains compartments for food and water as well as a moulded waste gutter collection.

Dogit Voyageur Dog carrier is suitable for dogs and also used for transporting cats; please see the specifications tab to find the right fit for your pet. The Fuchsia/Charcoal design is available in a small and medium size.


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