Dogit Home Guard Training Pads

Dogit Home Guard Training Pads


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  • Perfect tool for housebreaking dogs
  • Uses an special scent attract the dog to the pad
  • Moisture and odours are locked in with a super absorbent polymer technology
  • QUICK DRY technology converts liquid into gel, keeps paws dry and prevents moisture tracking
  • Useful for any stage of a dogs life, including puppies, older, or incontinent dogs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Dogit Home Guard Training Pads are a great tool for housebreaking dogs, no matter what stage of life they are in. Each pad is infused with an enticing scent that will attract the dog to the pad, ensuring your dog knows where he’s supposed to go. These Dogit Training Pads are very effective at absorbing moisture and odours and feature QUICK DRY technology, which quickly converts liquid into gel for easy clean-up. They have five layers of leak-guard protection, a fast-drying surface, and an extra protective plastic lining to keep your floors dry and stain-free. The surface of the pad locks in moisture fast, keeping your dog’s paws dry and preventing moisture from being tracked in the house.

Dogit Training pads can be used both indoors and outdoors, plus can be used in dog houses, crates, and other carriers. These pads fit ideally in the Dogit Training Pad Holder. Available in a variety of quantities. Each pad measures 56 x 56 cm / 22 in x 22 in. Other sizes sold separately.


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