Dogit Explorer Soft Carrier Expandable Carry Bag

Dogit Explorer Soft Carrier Expandable Carry Bag

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  • Soft, lightweight travel crate
  • Made out of polyester with breathable front, top and side mesh
  • Side panels fold out for extra leg space – easy to fold back up
  • Top, front and back zipper opening 
  • Back storage pocket for storage
  • Bult in handles and shoulder strap included
  • Suitable only for small dogs and cats
  • Available in three colours and only in one size

Keep your pet comfortable and secure during trips overseas or to the nearby vet with Dogit Explorer Soft Carrier Expandable Carry Bag. This unique designed bag is crafted with polyester with breathable mesh on the top and front for your pet to see the outside world and to see your best friend visually. The carry bag can be opened and closed from the front, top and back to allow ease when it comes to letting your pet out or inside the bag. The sides of the carry bag can be unzipped and folded down to give your pet an additional leg room while waiting for a transfer or an appointment and can be easily be folded back up when it is time to go. Located on the back is a large pocket to store essential portable items for your pet like collapsible bowls and poop bags.

The Dogit Explorer comes with built-in handles and an optional shoulder strap for carrying options for your comfort, suitable for small dogs and cats only, please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a Blue, burgundy and grey option in only one size.


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