Coast Botanik Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil Tincture (Large Breed) 600mg

Coast Botanik Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil Tincture (Large Breed) 600mg


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The Coast Botanik Full Spectrum CBD line is something we have carried from the start and with the introduction of the pet formula, we now have both our humans and pet companions covered.

The 600mg full-spectrum is good for large breed animals 51lbs and over. Just like humans our pets also have an endocannabinoid system and can take advantage of the benefits of CBD just as much as humans. We know when it comes to your pet you want to bring the best quality to them. This CBD pet oil is made here in Canada by a company that cares about the accuracy and safety of our product.

The Coast Botanik CBD for pets 600mg is good for a variety of ailments your pet might be experiencing. The science and lab testing on the true benefits of CBD has not caught up with the sheer demand of CBD but what we know is our customers are using CBD for pets for a variety of ailments including but not limited to the following (this is not a health claim).

-hip dysplasia
-early research says CBD can prevent or reduce cancer cells
-relieves pain or sore muscles
-calm down
-increases appetite
-reduce anxiety

Does this contain THC?
This product is derived from Hemp, not Marijuana. Naturally, hemp is very low in THC and high in CBD. While there may be trace elements of THC it would be not near the level to induce intoxication for your animal. Cats and especially dogs are very sensitive to THC so this is realized with the creation of the pet series from Coast Botanik.

CBD For Pets

Directions for dosage
Because each animal is different there is no basic guidelines for dosing. This truly does take some patience and trial and error. We always err on the side of caution and take the approach of slow and low to begin with and slowly working yourself up in dosage over days or weeks.

For an animal over 51lbs we recommend 1 drop per 8lbs of weight. A 80lb (ca. 36 kg) animal would receive 10 drops. Ideally if you can put it into their mouth without food this is best but if you need to put it on a little cracker or something else they would eat then that’s good as well.

Depending on your animal and many variables you can slowly increase the dosage by a drop every 3 days if you find your animal needs more. For more advanced ailments such as cancer you can start with a higher dosage such if time is an issue. We always recommend your first dosage to just do a few drops to ensure the animal takes well to it.

Ingredients: Full spectrum organic CBD oil, MCT oil, Omega 3

Amounts Per Serving (1ml dropper)
CBD: 20.0 mg
CBN    .10 mg
CBC    .160 mg
CBDV  .080 mg
CBG    .040 mg


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