Clix Two Tone Whistle

Clix Two Tone Whistle

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  • Two-toned training whistle
  • Made from a durable plastic
  • Offers a high pitched and a low pitched tone
  • Ideal for a variety of training needs or training two dogs
  • Built-in clip and string lanyard

Clix Two Tone Whistle is a versatile training aid that can be used for a variety of training exercises and commands for your best friend. Lightweight and made from durable plastic, this whistle offers two different tones based on what end you use, one end omits a high pitched sound while the other emits a low pitch, perfect for training your dog for a variety of commands or training two dogs.

Clix Two Tone Whistle comes with a built-in clip and a string lanyard to keep the whistle in reach. Other training products from Clix available here.


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