Clix Multi-Clicker

Clix Multi-Clicker

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  • Effective for dogs who need more mental stimulation during training
  • Easy, lightweight design – easy to use for all around general training
  • Patented volume/tone control – great for sound sensitive dogs
  • Training booklet and wrist strap included
Clix Multi-Clicker is an excellent addition to any training exercise, a uniquely exciting and rewarding way to communicate with your dog, training your dog to “offer” said behavioural rather than the owner asking. The clicker is also a great way to grab the attention of dogs who are easily bored during traditional training and need additional mental stimulation.
The multi-clicker is a small, lightweight clicker box with a raised thumb piece for a quick, easy response. On the back of a clicker is an adjustable tone control, allowing one to slide the button up to a louder click or back for a softer tone, ideal for dogs that are sound sensitive. Attached to the multi-clicker is an elastic wrist strap that keeps the clicker within reach and packaged with each Clix Multi-Clicker is a training guide showing the basics of clicker training as well as advanced training methods.


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