Carlson Extra Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson Extra Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate


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  • Extra extra wide gate is ideal for small to large pets
  • Durable, non-toxic steel gate
  • Easy pressure mounting set-up
  • One-touch release handle to allow yourself or pets to pass through
  • 10″ x 7″ built-in small pet door
  • Dimensions: 30″ tall and fits openings 29″ to 34″ wide
  • Includes a 6″ and 12″ extension pieces to fit openings up to 52″ wide

Carlson Extra Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate measures 30 in. high and will fit very wide openings, from 29 in. to 34 in. This white gate includes one 6 in. extension and one 12 in. extension, expanding it up to 52 in. to fit wider openings and stairways.

It works on a pressure mount system that is quick and easy to install or take down, as necessary. There is a one-touch release handle that can be used to swing the gate open so you or your pet can easily pass through. There is also a built-in pet door (10 in. x 7 in.) to let small pets in and out while still keeping larger pets on the appropriate side.

This gate is durable and is made completely with steel that is non-toxic, free of lead, and chew-proof. Other sizes and extensions sold separately.


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