Canine Friendly Bark Notes – Training

Canine Friendly Bark Notes – Training

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  • Communicate important information from a distance
  • Bold, eye-catching font & colour
  • Advises people to avoid interaction or be aware that dog training is in progress
  • Attaches to dog’s collar or leash
  • Made of flexible, durable PVC & neoprene
  • Available in two widths – 3/4″ & 1″
  • Other messages sold separately

Canine Friendly Bark Notes can help easily communicate important messages about your dog to other people. They can help make socializing easier by providing vital information about your dog’s traits that is easy to read from a distance.

The “Training” label can be used to advise people to avoid interrupting or to help them understand that your dog is undergoing training.

These labels are made with soft, flexible neoprene and PVC and they fit easily around a dog’s collar or leash. Available in two widths – 3/4″ and 1″. Other messages sold separately.


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