Canine Equipment Carry-All Treat Bag

Canine Equipment Carry-All Treat Bag


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  • ompact nylon pouch for treats, toys, etc.
  • Made to stand wear and tear
  • Internal pocket to separate contents
  • Outer mesh pocket holds ball or a roll of poop bags
  • Carabiner to attach to pack or belt

The Canine Equipment Carry-All Treat Bag is very compact and is great for carrying extra treats or toys on your journeys. The material is a non-toxic nylon taffeta that is durable enough to stand wear and tear from the great outdoors. There is an internal pocket for extra storage and to give you the option of separating whatever you’re carrying. To make sure nothing falls out, you can cinch the pouch on the side. The outer mesh pocket can be used to hold a ball or even a roll of poop bags. It’s very easy to attach the treat bag to a backpack or belt with the included carabiner.


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